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Simple, intentional, effective, no junk!

Two Cranes CBD is formulated specifically to support total body and mind. CBD is never a cure-all, but it’s a daily regimen that encourages balance where there’s an imbalance.

Our source and process

We’re putting wellness formulas (and soon, K-beauty/Asian-beauty) in and/or on your body. We take that seriously!

We follow globally recognized, federally accredited, ISO regulations and standards, by choice.

We start with impeccable raw material: 100% non-GMO, organically sun-grown hemp, from Colorado’s majestic Rocky Mountains.

Then, we manage our hemp’s purity through the oil extraction process to source the CBD.

Lastly, we blend our CBD with equally clean, potent extracts from Asian botanicals like Ashwagandha, turmeric, Indian gooseberry, ginseng, special mushrooms, and so many more.

Our process preserves our CBD + Asian botanicals at the highest provenance.

Trust, but verify

Our labs and farmer-partners share our values. We work with the best, but we also ask third-party labs to verify our raw oils.

Third-party labs validate: Cannabinoid (CBD) profile, Phytocannabinoid profile and Terpene content

They also test for heavy metals,  100+ pesticides,  and other forms of junk. 



The pursuit of improved living through the profound simplicity of nature.

Our mission is to create luxury Hanbang CBD products that nurture optimal living for all who experience Two Cranes. 

‘Hanbang’ means Korean traditional holistic medicine which includes natural and pure plant-based ingredients that are central to promoting healing.

Asian botanical adaptogens. They’ve stuck around eastern healing for centuries for good reason. Adaptogens are body regulators, cross-checking your hormones, adrenals, and stress response, daily.

If you’re spinning too fast, they’ll slow you. If you’re loafing down low, they lift you. Adaptogens adapt to you.

CBD is an adaptogen, we blend ours with Asian botanical adaptogens for a boost of ancient power both inside out. 

We infuse high-quality clean Asian Botanics including organic CBD into our skincare remedies that are gentle and effective for everyone.  

Cranes in Korean culture signify purity, longevity, and peace. We honor these traits as a way of life that is translated through our formulations and all that we do.

We believe individuals who feel good create communities that feel good. 



We will support Earth’s healing one human body at a time.

We envision a sustainable work environment that respects nature and people throughout our supply chain. 

Two Cranes endeavors to “B the change.” B Corporation values are aligned to who we are as women and as a company. B Corp certification comes from B Lab, a global nonprofit that certifies for-profit companies who meet a rigorous standard of social and environmental ethics.


CBD for Hope

We support our local and global communities by donating 1% of sales to not-for-profits that align with our ethos. More at CBD for Hope.   

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