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CBD Myths


First, it’s important to really understand that CBD is an unregulated product. Everything we discuss below has roots in this unfortunate truth. Good news though—knowledge is power.
Read on and power up.

1. The product is low quality or isn’t CBD at all
CBD is in its gold-rush moment and people are looking to cash in. Anyone can label and sell a product called CBD without having to prove that it’s actually CBD. But, it’s not all bad actors.  Extracting CBD from hemp or cannabis plants is complicated. Some producers simply aren’t that great at it, but in an unregulated market, they can still charge as much as producers who are extracting at the highest degree of purity (like Two Cranes).  Until there’s a governing body ensuring the efficacy of products, there will be highly-effective and potent products on the same shelves with ineffective, low potency, or downright fake CBD.

What you can do
Look for CBD products with third-party lab validation. It might be an insert with their packaging, available on their website, or some other way. Check that lab data for cannabinoid and terpene profiles and percentages, for starters. At Two Cranes we have our phytocannabinoids third-party verified, too.
This is your mantra: No third-party validation, no thanks.

2. It isn’t full or broad spectrum (what’s that even mean?)
Full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD capture a complete range of cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, THCA, many more) during extraction. These naturally occurring compounds work together to encourage physiological benefits that each unique cannabinoid can’t offer by itself. This group effort is called the entourage effect.
Put simply, the CBD cannabinoid is most powerful when it's rolling with an entourage, like other cannabinoids, terpenes, essential fatty acids, plant adaptogens, and more.
The difference between full and broad spectrum is simple: THC. Full spectrum CBD keeps all of the naturally occurring cannabinoids, including THC, in the product. Broad spectrum CBD contains some or many of the cannabinoids but takes an extra step to remove THC from the oil.
Two Cranes CBD is extracted from hemp, which means the THC is already so very low that it’s non-psychoactive. Extracting THC from hemp-based CBD is unnecessary and subjects the oil to additional processing.

What you can do
Look for products labeled with full or broad spectrum. But again, in an unregulated market, third-party lab data is crucial. Currently, anybody can put anything they want on their label.  Make sure the products you choose can prove themselves with lab results.
Remember: No third-party validation, no thanks.

3. Your expectations were too high
CBD is not a miracle. It’s an adaptogenic plant compound that has the power to be incredibly beneficial for our bodies in many ways.  That said, your body type, your endocannabinoid system, your age and weight, the severity of your health concern, and your gender all play a role in how CBD works for you. As will patience. CBD doesn’t solve anything overnight. If it’s going to work for your body type and wellness goals, adding a steady dose into your daily routine will yield clear results, in time.

4. Your dose isn’t right for you
Unlike pharmaceuticals, CBD doesn’t have an official, measured dosing amount. The “right” dose varies from human to human. You and your friend might be built the same, but your systems respond to CBD way differently.
Why is that?  The way CBD binds to a body’s receptors is more complex than we can explain here, but our physiologies are all so different, and they continue to change through our life.

What you can do
Start small and work your way up. If you aren’t satisfied with the benefits after a few doses, increase steadily. While you can’t really overdo it with CBD, more isn’t always better. For a lot of bodies a moderate, mid-sized dose works the best.
Pay close attention to your whole body system. Maybe the dull ache in your hands isn’t gone, but you’re sleeping much better. Maybe your anxiety isn’t 100% conquered, but juggling a full plate of school, sports, and work schedules feels more manageable.

5. When in doubt, ask us
At Two Cranes we are dedicated to helping every unique body find a path to health and wellness. Email us anytime, with any questions. We’ll share what we know from our combined 25 years in health industries, plus books and resources we can trust and rely on.
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