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Hanna and Susun

The Two Cranes


Hi, we’re Susun and Hanna.

We’re identical twins, but in our daily lives, we’re pretty different. One of us is in corporate finance and sometimes called an “extreme adventurist." The other is a full-time mom and entrepreneur who plays cello in her “free time." 

We’re also quite alike. We both make our physical and mental health a priority. We’ve spent the last 15 years as certified yoga, Pilates, and general fitness instructors. We’re always looking for clean, natural ways to optimize health.

We found CBD on our timeone of us suffered medical burnout and had a near-total adrenal failure and we both battled anxiety—but we arrived at the same conclusion: the CBD market is full of dirty and dead oil packaged like a golden ticket to a promised land.

Pure and true CBD is a great ally for your whole body. Also, it’s a star player in a buddy system of plant compounds (adaptogens) that, when together, impart bonus health benefits through what’s called the entourage effect.

CBD without an entourage can be fine, but with one, is much, much better.

This is why we started Two Cranes. To reach others who, for any reason, for many reasons—curiousity and experimentation, moments of seeking and deficit—went in search of potent, real, botanically-blended for an entourage effect, CBD from a verifiably trustable source.





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