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Madeline Dunn

Madeline Dunn Consulting
Madeline has been playing in the mountains since she was a teenager.  After Madeline fell in love with ski-mountaineering right around the time she realized that ski racing wasn't her destined career route.  2016-2018 were spent by Madeline in the Cascade Range of volcanoes.  Each late winter/early spring she set off to ski all 28 Cascade Range Volcanoes as fast as possible in an attempt to be the first person to set a multi-month speed record.  After three years, 6 consecutive seasons and 32 months of backcountry skiing, this challenge has yet to be completed and was self-created. Her last attempt in 2018 to connect every peak in the range ended on Mt. Rainier when she had to call it quits due to low snow levels and pure exhaustion.  Mental AND physical exhaustion that is.  Burnout.  To be honest, the body can usually be pushed to surpass even the most extreme goals.  However, Madeline noticed after years in the mountains pushing her limits, that its the mind in connection with the body that leads to eventually, and inevitable burnout. 
Madeline is an AIARE Certified Instructor and a Ski Guide for Paragon Guides in Vail, Aspen & San Juan Expeditions in Colorado, Irwin Guides in Crested Butt, and at several Colorado Mountain College Campuses across the state.  
Madeline organizes women-specific mountain safety as well as mountain casual events for The Babes of Aspen: a female empowerment group her and her friends started in their hometown. 
She also recently pursued an independent study with the Colorado Avalanche Information Center focusing on the development of ground-level crystal structures, ""depth hoar"", and how they impact avalanche propagation and recreational travel.
"I help to educate women on backcountry decision making and travel, curate mindfulness workshops, and host Wax and Wine events. I am AIARE Level 1 & 2 Instructor and OEC (Outdoor Emergency Care) certified.  My personal endurance expeditions have been paused so as to spend time and focus on educating the current population of female mountain enthusiasts.  I sell art, ski, educate, and play!  Self care is now #1 for me.  In first aid we call it Safety of The Rescuer.  You have to take care of Ground 0 before you move onto anyone/where else." -Madeline Dunn, Pro Skier/Guide
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